2. Teach your little one to count out the number of toilet paper squares you have decided are best for use. Why? Because otherwise you’re getting the kid who uses one square or the one who has made it his mission to flush ALL the toilet paper.
4. The wet wipes are a dream to help kids really do a better job wiping their bum. Keep some close by for them. Maybe put some colorful stickers on them so they are reminded.
5. Explain why it’s so important to be clean in their private areas. They can feel sore or itchy or both. At bath time please remember it’s not enough to just have the kiddo sit in a tub to get clean. Teach them how to bathe their privates properly. (Just imagine if all you did to keep clean was sit in a tub of water every day. Umm…no!)

6. Hand-washing is a priority here. Soap they like should be within reach of the sink in the bathroom. Teach them to sing Happy Birthday to Germs while they wash their hands so that they don’t go to quickly.
7. Watch for signs they are having some trouble. You’ll probably see some dirty undies, or your kids will start to pull and scratch at their bottoms.
8. Be cool about this. Seriously. Don’t freak out. Don’t insult. Don’t be short-tempered. This is something we all had to learn and it can be challenging for kiddos. If your otherwise healthy 40 year-old still needs you to clean his bottom, then we can talk panic.Previous Page


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