Earwax or cerumen is a problem that terrifies many of us, because we tend to directly correlate it with impurities and dirt that needs to be removed at any cost.
But cerumen plays an essential role in protecting the internal segments of the ears exactly against these impurities, dust and bacteria.
Practically, it acts as a barrier against particles and microorganisms that don`t have to get into the ear.
Pour 2 Drops of Vinegar and Olive Oil in your Ear
Our body has its own techniques to eliminate in a natural way cerumen excess, but when because of diverse reasons this isn’t happening, the results is formation of wax caps.

Blockages or wax caps are pretty painful and can lead to decreased acute hearing, so we need to know how to correctly eliminate them.
A lot of people use swabs to clean their ears which tend to do more harm than good. Using hygienic chopsticks may even pull accumulation of wax deeper in the ear canal, often leading to complications.
Therefore, let’s take a look together at the recommendations of an experienced doctor, Dr. David Hill.
According to him, a solution obtained from combining apple vinegar and olive oil in equal amounts can be particularly effective in removing stubborn and painful wax plugs.
Who would have thought that things could be so simple!
It would’ve been great if I learnt this method earlier.