Cellulite can occur regardless of age, weight or your body shape. It’s not easy tot get rid of it without using special creams, having a healthy diet or exercise. If you have tried almost all the cosmetic creams and the results are not making you happy, here is a simple, natural remedy that will increase burnings and temperature and dissolve fat molecules membrane.

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Treat Cellulite
All you need are 100 ml natural apple vinegar, 100 ml of water and half a teaspoon of sea salt – free iodine and a towel.
 Mix the water with the vinegar and then add the sea salt and let it melt completely.

Moisten the towel and wrap your thighs. If the odor is too strong or you don’t want to stain the bed sheets, you can use plastic wrap over the towels. Minimum hours required for this treatment is 4 hours, and you have to sit under the blanket to stay warm and let the apple vinegar work.

You can try this before going to sleep, so the apple vinegar will work for more hours and will increase the burnings and sweating. In the morning, make sure you take a shower to get rid of the smell.
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