It’s no secret that the bathroom is one of the messiest areas of the home. Not only is it hard to clean, but it seems like the bathroom is messy again in a matter of hours! Here are 18 amazing bathroom hacks that will help you to keep things fresh and clean.

18 Genius Bathroom Cleaning Hacks that Will Change Your Life
1. Simple Shower Cleaning
Use a dish wand to tackle the grime found in your shower. Joyful Cleaning  recommends filling the dish wand with vinegar and liquid soap. You can even scrub while in the shower. Hooray for multi-tasking.
2. Clean Shower Head Buildup
If your shower head doesn’t seem to do more than dribble hot water, it may be time to clean the shower head! Fill a bag with vinegar and tie it around the shower head. The vinegar will break down any hard water deposits.
3. Whiten Your Shower
Hometalk is behind this amazing shower trick. Mix equal parts bleach and baking soda together to form a paste. Smear it on any yellowing cracks in your shower. Let sit overnight, and then rinse in the morning.
4. Remove Hard Water Stains
Remove hard water stains off your fixtures by using a halved lemon. The acid in the lemon breaks down the hard water, and is easy on your hands! No harsh chemicals needed!


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